For Realtors, TK Images offers a price schedule that is based solely on images being used to sell a property. If you intend to utilize the photos for anything other than listing the property for sale, you will need to purchase a license to use the photos. Please refer to our Commercial Services, which includes the license fee. For more information on licenses, please see our Terms of Service.

All images are taken through a two-step editing process and undergo essential adjustments to make your photos pop. These improvements are free and done to every photo when applicable. This includes, but is not limited to: enhancing or dropping in a sky; greening the grass; straightening the photo; color correction; balancing the light; tripod reflection removal; and removing pool equipment. Please inquire regarding advanced or special editing.

All photos are:
✓ Individually and professionally edited
✓ HDR quality images
✓ Ready the next business day
✓ Loaded to the MLS free of charge

Daytime Photography

Basic Package: up to 10 stills
$95 + tax
Premium Package: 25-32 stills
$170 + tax
Single Daytime Exterior (if not meeting)
$40 + tax
Single Daytime Exteriors (if meeting)
$50 + tax
Additional photos discounted to only $5 each

All daytime photography is not created equally. Capturing a property in its best light means understanding how it is situated. Ideally, the front of a property should be photographed when the sun is shining on the front. If the property has a unique living space or exceptional view you want to present, consider the time of day the room or scenery looks its best.

When should my property be photographed?

We want capture the front exterior when the sun is on the front of the property. Below is the best time of day to photograph based on the direction the front faces:

  • East: Morning
  • West: Afternoon
  • South: All day
  • North: Does not get direct sunlight. Unfortunately, on sunny days the front will shadow itself. A dusk shoot or overcast day is ideal for north-facing properties.
  • Packages include interior and exterior photos

Dusk Photography

Additional photos discounted to only $5 each

Well-timed dusk photography, with glowing windows and landscape lighting provides dramatic contrast. Home features can be made to stand out with warm and inviting tones against the darkening sky. High-rise properties tend to favor this time of day, as the harsh shadows and glare that are typically cast by the sun are minimal to none. Ambient city lights illuminate the sky to deliver a relaxing and stunning view. North-facing properties are also excellent candidates for dusk photography, as they never receive direct sunlight that is a boon to daytime photography.

  • Packages include interior and exterior photos
  • Dusk appointment times are seasonal and occur after business hours during spring and summer months

Aerial Photography

With photo shoot
$95 + tax
$125 + tax
Additional photos discounted to only $25 each

Aerial photography captures the breadth and depth of a property that cannot be achieved at ground level. Aerial photography yields expansive views of a property’s acreage and allows buyers to see it in the context of the surrounding area. Illustrating unique elements, such as a neighboring golf course, large body of water, extensive landscaping, sports courts, or the proximity to nearby amenities are an excellent way to market the property. Low or high, elevated perspective is a great method to showcase the selling points of a home or building.

All of our photographers are licensed and insured drone pilots under Part 107 of the Federal Aviation Administration Regulations.

  • Aerial prices are for 1 photo

Return Shot

  • Includes 1 photo: $50 + tax
  • Additional photos discounted to only $5 each

Additional Items

Houston Coverage Map
Austin Coverage Map


Without narration
$185 + tax
With narration
$225 + tax
Aerial (exteriors only)
$185 + tax
Aerial + video (no narration)
$235 + tax

Full motion video tours allow buyers to feel like they are walking through a property without stepping away from their computer. A high-quality presentation with music or voice-over narration, video creates an impression similar to that of an actual home tour and can quickly motivate viewers to visit a property.

  • All videos include up to 3 minutes of footage
  • Includes 2 video links: 1 that is MLS compliant; 1 that is branded for social media
  • Video appointments are 1 hour
  • Ready in 3-5 business days

Virtual Tour Slideshow

Virtual tour slideshows combine great photographic imagery, photo description, and music into a stunning visual tour. Virtual tour slideshows are automatically loaded to the MLS and are active for one year. They are available for residential and commercial properties which includes up to 32 pictures.

  • Includes music, captions, descriptions, photos, and contact information
  • 33 or more pictures, inquire for pricing
  • Ready 1 business day after listing becomes active in the MLS

3D Interactive Matterport Tour

Up to 2,000 sq. ft.
$225 + tax
Additional 10 cents per sq. ft. thereafter

3D Interactive Matterport is the most realistic, immersive way to experience a property online; it feels like you are actually walking through the home or commercial space. This powerful tool allows the audience to virtually navigate through the property with the click of a mouse, or obtain a 360 degree perspective from a dollhouse view. The 3D Interactive Virtual Tour includes the basic 2D floor plan and a dollhouse view of your listing.

View Example

  • 2D floor plan with labeled rooms and dimensions (view example): $30 + tax
  • Ready next business day
  • Renewal fee of $50 applies every 6 months to keep the tour active

Virtual Staging

Charged per photo
$65 + tax

Enhance vacant room photos and attract more buyers with this efficient and inexpensive alternative to traditional staging. Vacant rooms are virtually staged to help buyers envision design and potential of a space; it allows them to better visualize the actual size and composition of a room. Adding furniture and decor to a bare space will transform the area to look comfortable and inviting.

  • Ready 2 business days after photo editing

Brochure Design

Brochures are a fabulous marketing tool providing buyers with pertinent information on a property. Buyers still enjoy having a tangible item to review homes. Brochures are a fast and easy way to market residential or commercial properties. TK Images offers 1-page, 2-page, or 4-page full color brochure design. Brochure design services do not include printing.

  • Ready 1 business day after listing becomes active in the MLS
  • 4-page brochures need to be printed professionally. 1-page and 2-page brochures can either be printed on your color printer or outsourced to a professional printer.

Photo Albums

10” x 8” hardcover
up to 25 pages
$100 + tax
10” x 8” hardcover
26-35 pages
$125 + tax

Photo albums are a great marketing tool or a wonderful client gift at closing. These beautiful 10” x 8” hardcover albums have a minimum of 20 pages with a photo of the exterior of the property displayed on the cover, a personal message on page 1, and full-page photos of the property. Printed on archival-quality acid free matte paper, photo albums have timeless appeal.

  • The proof will be ready next business day. Once approved, the album will arrive at our office in about 3 business days.

Photos are ready the next business day. You have the opportunity to select the images at the photo shoot with the photographer, or you can opt to receive a contact sheet via email. Contact sheets contain all unedited photos and are sent the morning of the next business day. To keep photos eligible for same day editing, please make your selection by the time stated in the email subject line; otherwise photos will be edited the next business day following receipt of selection. If no selection is made at the photo shoot or by contact sheet, the photographer will select the photos.