In 2002, Todd Krampitz founded TK Images, allowing him to pursue his twin passions of real estate and photography. He began building an award-winning business, which Julie joined in 2004.

Longtime sweethearts of 13 years, Todd and Julie tied the knot in March of 2004. Two months later, they were faced with a new challenge when Todd was diagnosed with HCC, primary liver cancer. During a summer of surgeries and fighting cancer, Todd was placed on the transplant list. Diligent efforts were made to help Todd obtain the donation of a healthy liver. In August of 2004, Todd received a successful liver transplant.

A generous, caring family selflessly gave their loved one’s organ, providing Todd the gift of life. Not only did he embrace this gracious gift, but also became an advocate of organ donation.

Todd’s recovery from transplant surgery went well. It granted him and Julie several months of nurturing their business together, spending the holidays with friends and family, and perhaps most meaningful, celebrating their first wedding anniversary. Unfortunately, Todd’s battle with cancer continued. His donated liver allowed him to fight the disease, but he was ultimately called by his Lord and Savior on April 20, 2005.

Todd paid the gift of life forward by donating his corneas. In memory of Todd, the Todd Krampitz Foundation was created to help increase organ donation awareness.

With the Todd Krampitz Foundation, Julie, her team, and the Krampitz family continue to spread the word that it only takes 60 seconds to change a life forever by registering to be an organ donor.

Todd’s passions for photography and real estate live on each day at TK Images. His advocacy of organ donation continues with the Todd Kramptiz Foundation. Life is a gift: Give it.

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